To most of the fans of ACG, Rei Ayanami is much more than familiar. As probably one of the most successful characters in the anime history, Rei gained her own reputation for her speechless, emotionless and complexity.

Inside of me, I still believe the possibilities of expressing emotions and real feelings of our life. So this blog formed. The majority of contents are personal comments towards certain events, trends, books, and movies. Other things will include photos, selected diaries, selected schoolwork.

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对于ACG的大多数粉丝来说,Rei Ayanami远比熟悉。 作为动漫史上最成功的角色之一,Rei因无语,无情和复杂而获得了自己的声誉。

在我的内心,我仍然相信表达情感和生活真实感受的可能性。 所以这个博客形成了。 大多数内容是针对某些事件,趋势,书籍和电影的个人评论。 其他的东西将包括照片,选定的日记,选定的功课。

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